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TOUCHIERE™ Luxury & Wholesale Towel Difference

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Although TOUCHIERE ™ is the leading luxury towel and textile supplier for businesses globally, we are still continuing to improve our products, services, and technology every day. At TOUCHIERE ™, we believe that continuous innovation and improvement is vital in the market. We also believe our only competitor is ourselves. The main reasons that make us the best quality textile supplier in the U.S., are our best quality cotton and bamboo, competitive pricing, and 24/7 internationally accessible customer service.

The history of Turkish Cotton Towels dates back to more than an astonishing 1600 years. Over the years the quality of cotton production has improved significantly. These improvements have led to Modern TOUCHIERE ™ towels which are made out of absorbent, durable, soft and luxury Turkish Cotton. The geographical location of Turkey allows us to grow the world's best cotton towels. TOUCHIERE™ cotton is not chemically treated and pesticide free. Because of this long cotton history Turkey has become the number one quality textile exporter in the world. Our firm has more than 60 years of textile practice in the area. Although 60 years might seem very little compared to the long history of Turkish Cotton, our firm is one of the oldest and most modern textile production facilities in Turkey. We exceed the European textile production standards.

Along the way, TOUCHIERE™ has also created a new type of towel that is 70 percent sustainable bamboo, and 30 percent premium cotton. We found out that this enhanced mixture creates super-soft and absorbent towels. This unique cotton and bamboo mixture percentage was found after many years of research and trials. The only difference from pure cotton towels is that the bamboo mix towels do not allow us to do double stitching. Double stitching is made using double strands while weaving the towels, which makes them very durable after many machine washes and dries and saves so much money for hotels and spas.

In addition to the great towel and textile quality, TOUCHIERE™’s wholesale pricing is very competitive. We focus on long-term business relationships and believe in a win-win philosophy. Also, our order quantities are reasonable, so it is perfect for your custom towel or textile venture. Just send us your design and let us bring it to life. However, if you don’t have a design let us create a free design for you. We are committed to customer satisfaction, so we will move together in every step with you and start the production after your approval. We have strong relationships with the best transportation companies, so you would get your order on time and for much cheaper pricing.

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