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The 1600 years old history of Textile in Turkey dates back the early years of Ottoman Empire. In the old Turkish tradition, these towels were first used in the traditional Turkish Baths which are the SPAs of our modern day. Currently, these special products include bathrobes, hand towels, bath towels, and kitchen towels, and these are one of the most exported products from Turkey into 186 different countries. This special type of fabric is only made in two very small cities in Turkey, and the type of cotton used very special that it is currently protected by the patent institute.


What Makes the Turkish Towels Special?


Every specific fabric technique that is used in the both sides of the towels creates the durable, soft textured, and age resistant Turkish Towels.  The very specific “hav” (long strands) that is being used separates Turkish Towels from other textile products.  These special threads determine the weaving quality of the towel.


What to Look for In a Quality towel?


When choosing a towel, the first thing to consider is the towel’s softness and water absorption. However, these factors are not enough when making a purchase for the hospitality business use. If the towels will be purchased for hotel use; in addition to the softness and the water absorption, the towel has to be durable that can resist the effects of every day washes especially during the popular seasons.  If the purchased towel is just made for the household textiles, (unlike our towels that’s softens with every wash) it will harden, the white color will turn gray, and the stiches will tear apart.


Competitive Advantage


As a result, the type of cotton that is being used, the height of the strands on the both sides of the towel, the treatment process and the type of paint makes all the difference and gives considerable competitive advantage to Turkish Towels.

Fun Facts


Turkish Towels are being used in many famous places such as during the Euro League soccer finals, main character Brad Pitt’s Troy movie, or the English Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s wedding invitations were all made out of these Turkish Towels. In addition, in many European famous sports teams, luxury resorts and spas, and large retail stores are using these towels that comes from this specific place called Denizli in Turkey.

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