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Frequently Asked Questions - Premium Turkish Towels & Bathrobes

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

What Makes Turkish Towels the World’s Highest Quality?

Cotton: Our Premium Turkish Towels are made from 100% Cotton or a 70% Bamboo and 30% Cotton Mixture. We also have high-quality cotton (OEKO-Tex Certified) or Organic Cotton options (GOTS Certified). Our manufacturing process is free of chemical treatments, which makes your towels and bathrobes even softer after each wash, and keeps them highly absorbent.

According to our test results; some suppliers provide 100 percent cotton towels or bathrobes that are actually mixed with polyesters, repurposed cotton, and chemical additives to give temporary softness while hindering absorption levels. Once these chemicals wash out; these towels become rough on the surface and non-absorbent. This makes the towels feel more like a polyester fabric rather than genuine Turkish Cotton fabric with ultra-softness and absorption.

Touchiere Premium Turkish Towel and Bathrobe Catalog

Is Private-Labeling Available for Custom-Made Turkish Towels and Bathrobes?

Yes, we can private label and even custom design your packaging and towel or bathrobe tags. We can customize any details; such as colors, patterns, size, design, and surface treatment (according to its use; commercial, industrial, or home). In addition, we can also custom-manufacture a sample for your review and final approval prior to production.

How Long Does the Custom Towel & Bathrobe Production Take?

We can custom-manufacture Premium Turkish Towels and Bathrobes in only four to six weeks. Ocean shipping takes three to five weeks to most parts of the U.S., Europe, Australia, and Canada. On the other hand, express air shipping takes only 3 to 5 business days.

Do you provide commercial towels that can handle frequent washes and harsh chemicals?

Yes, we supply towels that are commercial grade, which can handle heavy washes and chemicals that are mainly used at gyms or hair salons. Turkish Towels and bathrobes have a reputation for strong durability that provides a much longer lifetime compared to standard towels and bathrobes in the market.

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