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How to Choose Towels?

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

TOUCHIERE delivers towels that are luxurious and super-soft. However, there are a couple of things to consider when you shop for a towel for your business. One of the most important factors is GSM (gram per square meter); basically the weight and the thickness of the towel.

GSM determines the absorbency, life-time, and softness of the towels. For example, 420 gsm to 600 gsm are recommended for home usage. 600 to 800 gsm are best for hotels and retailers. Our recommendation is 450 for household use and 700 gsm for hotel and spa use. The higher the gsm levels, the thicker and the heavier the towel gets. Higher gsm levels make the towel more absorbent and durable. However, the higher the gsm level is, the more time it takes to dry. With a higher gsm, less towels will fit into the washing machine.

GSM "Gram Per Square Meter" Suggestions

Years of research have shown us that for household use it is best to buy towels that are 450 gsm, and for hotels & spas we recommend buying 700 gsm towels. This range provides the optimum quality and best results for its usage. TOUCHIERE’s innovative technology and the manufacturing process makes our towels stay soft after every wash.

The long strands provide a silky touch and extra absorbency. There are zero chemicals used while producing our luxury towels and textiles, which makes us one of the top-quality towel and textile suppliers in the U.S. In addition, the competitive pricing is what makes us unbeatable in the luxury textile market.

Premium Bamboo & Organic Cotton Mixture Towels

On the other hand, for retailers we recommend a 60 percent bamboo and 40 percent cotton mixture. This percentage is the best combination to add an anti-bacterial feature and ultra-softness, along with optimum absorbency. Basically, premium bamboo makes the towel anti-bacterial and fluffy while the Turkish Organic Cotton adds absorbency. There is a noticeable difference between pure cotton and a bamboo / cotton mixture towels.

The Sizing of the Towels

Deciding on the size is another part of the process.

We recommend 27.5” x 55.1” for bath towels, 15.7” x 23.6” for face towels, and 11.8” x 19.6” for kitchen towels. This optimum sizing provides the best drying time and fits more towels into the washing machine. Sizing is also fully customizable, so we can create large bath sheets or smaller towels. In addition, the 3D pattern (jacquard) on the towels gives a really nice depth, which make your towels stand out from generic and flat towels. We can raise the name, logo, or certain patterns on the towel. Your brand awareness is really important; therefore, this is a good way to display your brand and stay in the mind of your guests. Finally, our coloring is different from the competitors'. We use royal colors that are very high quality and durable, which are perfect for retailers, hotels, spas, and hairdressers.

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