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Renting or Buying Hotel Towels?

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Although renting towels for a business could be tempting at first, in the long run it will become costly and reduce your customer satisfaction.

While some businesses focus on saving money and maximizing profits, what does the successful and customer centric business do differently that earns trust?

The most important thing for successful hotels, retailers, and SPAs is their target market's (returning main customers') needs and desires. Exclusive hotels, SPAs, and retailers are focused on customer satisfaction and exceeding expectations. Place an order and experience the difference!

Non-Returning Customers Are The Biggest Cost.

Businesses should not forget that their returning customers are the ones who drive the business. Therefore, trying to attract new customers is costly and inefficient. According to Forbes "it costs five times more to attract a new customer, than it does to retain an existing one" (Jia Wertz, 2018). Businesses are much better off satisfying their current customers. The success of the exclusive business comes directly from their ability to focus on their customers. This might seem to be common sense; however, this could also be easily skipped unless proper actions are taken. Take action now!

Short-term money savings on generic, low quality rental towels will only harm businesses in the long term. Chemically treated or repurposed cotton will loose its deceptive softness and will become non-absorbent after just a couple of washes. These lower quality towels turn into hard and plastic like fabric when customers touch them. This will also irritate customers' skin while trying to dry themselves. Therefore, non-customized, light-weight, and generic rental towels will not increase customer retention nor exceed their expectations. Exceed their expectations!

TOUCHIERE™ Towels & Bed Sheets Provides a Premium Experience Between Customers and Businesses.

TOUCHIERE™ focuses on the consumer by providing super soft contact with the towels while drying the skin fast and easy. We use the world's best Turkish Cotton and through Modern Noble International LLC, we manufacture your product in a historical linen city with more than an astonishing 1,600 years of linen making history. Treat your customers like kings!

Sending positive feelings to your target market's subconscious mind will make the customers choose the same business over competitors. Trivago's market research showed that especially the oversized and super soft towels and breathable bed linens feel luxurious. Guests will be encouraged to use the same towel more than once (Trivago, 2018). This will lower the washing costs, reduce the time in house keeping and will save the environment. The hotels that we work with believed that their guests who were satisfied with the quality of the textile such as bath towels, beach towels, and bed sheets in their stay or purchases were much happier and the percentage of their returning customers increased significantly. Keep your customers happy!

Most importantly, TOUCHIERE™ focuses on your brand recognition. Positioning the name or the logo of your business will make the customer recall your brand quicker. Brand positioning on the towels will increase the customer retention rate. According to Bain & Company's research "increasing customer retention rates by 5 percent increases profits by 25 percent to 95 percent" (Frederick Reichheld, 2001). Therefore, TOUCHIERE™ offers full customization. Submit the picture of a customized design, logo, or a name and let us handle the rest. Also, if you don't have one, we can create one for you for free! Just go to request a quote page and describe your order.

Our premium bamboo & cotton mixture makes your towels anti-bacterial, odor free and even softer than pure cotton towels. Also, non-chemically treated cotton with double stitching and higher GSM (gram per square meter) levels (500 to 700) will provide the highest durability and a luxurious touch, even after many washes. Try it!

TOUCHIERE™ understands your concerns; therefore, our pricing is affordable and our quality is unmatched, so you can earn customer trust and get higher rates of returning customers. Contact us at

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