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TOUCHIERE® is a Custom-Made, Premium Turkish Towel & Bathrobe Supplier (B2B) in the U.S, Europe, and Australia.

These are some of the many reasons why successful businesses choose to work with us.
PREMIUM QUALITY: We only custom manufacture towels and bathrobes using the highest quality cotton.
COST: We have the most competitive pricing in the wholesale market. 
LEAD TIME: We manufacture your custom-made premium towels and bathrobes in four to six weeks.
MOQ: Our minimum order quantities are reasonable, which in return lets you manufacture more options. 

Organic & Anti-Bacterial


Luxury Turkish towels are fully customizable. Submit your design and choose your Royal™ Colors. If you don't have a design, we can create one for you.

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Special double stitched design towels are more absorbent and durable.We focus on long-term savings and your customer satisfaction

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TOUCHIERE™'s unique 30 percent pure cotton and 70 percent premium bamboo makes a perfect combination for ultra-softness.

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24/7 Service

TOUCHIERE™ has a highly responsive and accessible team in the U.S. and in Turkey, to ensure the satisfaction with your order and delivery process.

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TOUCHIERE™ luxury towels, bath robes, bath mats, and bed sheets,  are manufactured in a historical linen city in Turkey with more than 1600 years of textile history.

Our minimum towel order quantity is lower and more flexible. We would like to work around your business needs. Let us know your order requirements.

We provide air (3-4 days) or ocean (40 days) shipping options. We work with the most reliable transportation companies such as: FedEx, DHL, and Maersk. 

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Historical Tradition

Over a thousand years ago towels were invented in Turkey and used in Turkish baths.  Afterwards, the demand for the towels have increased to other parts of the world. Turkish Cotton is well known by many famous luxury clothing brands manufacturing their textile products in Turkey.

Modern Luxury

Our 60 years of textile experience allows us to deliver you the most modern and luxurious products possible in the market. Our state of the art textile production facilities exceed the European standards. Request your custom order and experience the difference. Our wholesale luxury towels are preferred by exclusive hotels and retailers in the U.S.